Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Friday, October 10, 2014

Who is Mike Boudet and why is he so obsessed with Toni Ingram?

According to a source, he is friends with both Tricia Griffith of Websleuths and Mayra Martinez, friend of the estranged mother of Keenan Vanginkel. "Mike Boudet is obsessed with Toni Ingram and her supporters. He had no intention of allowing Mrs. Ingram or her supporters to speak their true thoughts on the matter, when he originally contacted everyone saying he wanted to interview them. He is part of Tricia Griffith's agenda. If you notice, no one talked on the podcast but three liars and a pseudo expert. There were no one facts stated just defamation and libel. I think they don't realize the evidence and proof that Mrs. Ingram and her supporters have."
Tricia Griffith who is angry at Toni Ingram for rejecting the second interview along with Mayra Martinez who has been team Keenan since day one, have attempted to discredit the Ingrams and their supporters using every single trick in the book. The only problem is nothing worked and we are all still here.
Has Mike Boudet jumped on the bandwagon or is he really interested in hearing our side?